5 Easy Bathroom Upgrades

Bathrooms have become more than just a place to do your business. Now, you may find yourself spending quite a bit of time in this room as you get ready in the morning, pamper yourself in the evening, and everything inbetween. That’s why we’ve found five easy upgrades you can make to your own bathroom. Whether it’s to increase market value or add some flair to your haven, you’ll find these enhancements beautiful and practical.

1. Glass Shower
This is probably one of the hottest trends out there currently. More specifically, frameless glass showers. It has such a high end, modern feel to it and is, honestly, easy to clean. Privacy may be a bit lacking, but that’s one of the only downsides. And don’t let the glass aspect scare you away. Manufacturers of these showers use high quality materials, so it won’t shatter easily. They’re durable, sophisticated, and can increase home value drastically.

2. Storage, Storage, Storage
Bathrooms can’t only just look beautiful. They have to be functional as well. If you can’t make use of the room, then what’s the point? That’s why it’s crucial to have storage options throughout your bathroom. Refurbish a vintage dresser into a vanity or add an ottoman to double as storage and a place to sit as you towel off. With enough storage, you’ll never have to worry about where to store your towels, makeup, hair care products, moisturizers, and more.

3. Shower Bench
This follows in the same category of functionality as the storage upgrade. Installing a bench in your shower is a great move to add value and give you a place to sit. You might be wondering why you’d need to sit in a shower. Ladies: think about when you’re shaving your legs in the shower. Or think about if you’re having a family member come over who is elderly or has a disability. Giving them a place to sit while they wash up could decrease any risk of injury.

4. Chandelier
If you’re looking for something a bit flashy and extravagant, may we recommend a chandelier? This may seem a bit much for a restroom, but it’s actually a stunning addition. Even more surprising is how well it works with different styles of bathrooms. It doesn’t matter if your theme is modern elegance or rustic luxe. It adds lighting in a fashionable way and makes a statement at the same time. Better yet: a chandelier doesn’t have to break the bank. Go to your local building supplies store and you can find a chandelier for every budget.

5. Rugs
This is an affordable and easy bathroom upgrade that is too often overlooked. Maybe you don’t need to change the furniture in your bathroom to add that extra something. Use a rug to add some texture and color to any environment and save your bare feet from the cool of a tile bathroom floor. You can find rugs in a wide variety of patterns and sizes, so just keep looking and we’re sure you’ll get the rug you need to match your aesthetic and needs. And it won’t cost you an arm and a leg!

See how simple, and functional, these upgrades are? There are many more that we’ll probably discuss in depth later. But for now these are a great place to start. So whether you’re trying to make your bathroom your comfort zone, or you’re looking to upgrade before putting your property on the market, you can’t go wrong here. If you enjoyed this article, share it with your friends and family on Facebook or Twitter to help them upgrade their bathrooms too. And comment below with your own favorite bathroom upgrades you’ve seen or done yourself!